Boom Pump Hire in Kent

Accessing a difficult worksite and reducing spills, costs and manpower is as easy as hiring a concrete boom pump alongside your concrete order. For boom pump hire in Kent, look no further than Stewart Brothers Concrete.

We offer a comprehensive concrete delivery service throughout the county and this includes our specialist access tools like the concrete boom pumps. Reaching high and low to deliver your concrete has never been easier.

Benefits of Boom Pumps

A boom pump allows you to quickly and easily pour concrete on a site that is hard to access. The boom lifts the pipes into the air allowing them to go upstairs, through structures and even over certain buildings. It’s a versatile tool that often reduces man-hours, spillages and waste and is safer than other methods, especially considering the specialist training that a boom pump operator undertakes.

How Does a Boom Pump Work?

Ready mix liquid concrete is discharged into the boom pump hopper from the mixer truck. From there the concrete is pumped along the pipes attached to the hydraulic boom arm. The end of the pipe delivers the concrete to the exact location. To give an idea of scale, some boom arms are as long as 72 metres, giving an incredible reach.

To order your concrete and hire a boom pump, or to receive expert advice about your concrete, contact our team today. At Stewart Brothers Concrete, we’re always happy to help.

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