Ground Line Pump Hire in Kent

You may find that pouring your concrete where you need to isn’t as straightforward as reversing the mixer truck up to the pour site. Sometimes you’ll have to get around houses, garages, car parks and much more besides. That’s where ground line pumps come into action.

Benefits of Ground Line Pumps

With a ground line pump, we can pour your concrete wherever you need it. Powerful pumps can convey many cubic metres of liquid concrete at a time via a flexible conduit. This means that you can save money and manpower by ditching the wheelbarrow and spade and hiring a ground line pump instead.

How Does a Ground Line Concrete Pump Work?

A series of connected steel pipes is laid on a temporary basis, so that the piping avoids the obstacles that are in the way. This piping ends near the pour site at which point a more flexible hosing is often attached. The liquid concrete is then hydraulically pumped at the rate of 1m³ per minute and poured in the desired location.

For more information about hiring a ground line pump for your concrete delivery in Kent, get in touch with the team at Stewart Brother Concrete. We’re always happy to help.

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