Foam Concrete in Ashford & Kent

Foam concrete, also known as aircrete, foamcrete, cellular lightweight concrete and reduced density concrete, refers to a highly workable material that is used for a wide variety of construction projects. This is why Stewart Brothers Concrete supplies and delivers foam concrete to domestic and commercial customers alike throughout Kent, including Ashford, so that you have the right products to tackle the job at hand.

Foam concrete is made with the addition of an admixture which aerates the concrete to many times its original volume. Thanks to foam concrete’s versatility, it can be pumped significant distances, it’s easy to pour and level, it’s self-compacting and is freeze\thaw resistant because of its high air content. Used for filling voids and abandoned structures (sewers, cellars, subways), where volume is key but a high strength mix is not required, it offers structural stabilisation and an insulating filler. Foam concrete is a first-rate material that will get your project off the ground.

Where best to get your foam concrete than from a local and reputable concrete company who offer more than 35 years of industry experience?

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