Getting Ready For Your Concrete Delivery

Getting Ready For Your Concrete Delivery

So, you’ve placed your order for ready-mix concrete and you’re itching to crack on with the next stage of your project. So all you need to do is sit back and wait for your delivery, right?

Well, not quite! Pouring concrete is a vital element in any construction project and, if you want to get it right, you need to be ready when the time comes.

Here at Stewart Brothers Concrete, we have 35 years of experience at the helm. We’ve learned a bit about the difference between a successful construction project and one that’s not been thought through properly.

Here are our top six questions you need to ask yourself ahead of your concrete delivery.

How to prepare for concrete delivery

1. Can the truck access where it needs to?

Even if you’ve thought ahead and ordered a concrete pump, there’s a distance above which getting the concrete from our truck to your pour site is going to be extremely laborious.

That means you need to clear access in every way you can, by moving vehicles and other obstacles out of the way so that we can get the truck as close to your site as possible.

2. Is all your team ready?

You know when your concrete’s being delivered and so do we. But have you made sure the rest of your crew is poised and ready to kick into action when we turn up?

For your concrete to be at its best, you don’t want to be hanging around waiting for half your team to get back from lunch before you can get on with the job.

3. Is all the equipment you’ll be needing ready to be used?

Your team might be ready and waiting to leap into action on our arrival, but do they have the tools they need to lay the pour?

Whether it’s shovels and wheelbarrows to move the concrete if you’re not using a pump, or tamping equipment and a spirit level to make sure the freshly poured concrete is level and even, there’s a variety of tools you’ll need to hand to ensure a professional finish.

4. Is your pour site ready?

In many ways, the most basic of preparations. However, it’s worth checking – and double-checking – that your site is fully prepared for your concrete delivery.

Check that the site is level and that any debris has been cleared out of the way. You also need to be sure that your framework is in place and will be strong enough to support the concrete pour.

5. Have you prepared for any bad weather?

We discussed in this previous article how bad weather can negatively affect freshly poured concrete.

If the weather forecast looks bleak or the temperature is below the level needed for the concrete to harden properly, you’ll need to have the means to stop the rain from getting to it or protect it from cold wind and air, especially on its first night.

6. Have you warned your neighbours?

If the arrival of our truck and the subsequent movement and pouring of your concrete is going to be disruptive to your immediate neighbours, taking the time to warn them of what’s going on is always a good idea.

Apart from anything else, you don’t want them parking their cars in the way and blocking our access when you’ve made sure you’ve done everything you can to clear our route!

For top-quality ready-mix concrete delivered to your site in Ashford and the wider Kent area, Stewart Brothers Concrete provides a friendly, customer-focused service that strives to ensure your project progresses in the smoothest and most effective way possible. 

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