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Self-Compacting Concrete

When you can’t get your vibrating equipment to the site where you need to lay your concrete, or you want to keep the noise down while you do it, self-compacting concrete is an innovative solution that will do the job.

Standard freshly mixed concrete will initially contain pockets of air that need to be expelled for the concrete to achieve the density it needs to achieve full strength. This is a process known as compaction and usually needs specialised vibrating equipment.

Self-compacting concrete – also known as self-levelling or self-consolidating concrete – eliminates the need for this. It does so by creating a mix that is able to flow under its own weight and smoothly fill your formwork, even ones that are of a complex shape.

That has the extra benefits of making it easier to pump and work with, as well as reducing screeding and the need for cosmetic finishes once the concrete is in place. Self-compacting concrete is also less likely to segregate than standard concrete.

Self Compacting Concrete Solutions

Here at Stewart Brothers Concrete, we can deliver self-compacting concrete to your site in and around East Sussex and Kent, including Ashford, whenever you need it to help keep your project flowing smoothly.

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Fantastic company. Called on the off chance having never using this company before and was greeted on the phone by Perry who managed to fit me in and deliver me the concrete...

Dan Price

10 months ago

Great company the guys who did my imprinted concrete driveway used these they was very polite and helpful...

Jane Lewis

3 months ago

Have used Stewart brothers 4 times for concrete, traditional strip footings and reinforced concrete pad bases. Very good service, prompt delivery and exceptional quality concrete which was particularly good...

Damien Orris

7 months ago