The benefits of ready mix concrete

The benefits of ready mix concrete

Getting the right concrete mix for your construction or landscaping project is a fine art. Getting that mix on your site and ready to be poured at the optimum time to keep your project on schedule also takes careful planning and good judgement.

Making sure everything runs like clockwork on your project isn’t always easy – imagine how much easier it would be if your concrete arrived at the right time and perfectly mixed for your job. Well, that’s what you get when you order ready-mix concrete from Stewart Brothers Concrete.

But there’s more to it than that, so here are just a few more of the key benefits you get from ordering from us.

what are the benefits of ready mix concrete

What are the benefits of ready mix concrete?

Ready mix concrete saves time

By ordering your concrete ready mixed and ready to be poured, you’re not spending time doing the mix yourself – or adjusting it to ensure you’ve got the right balance of cement, water and aggregates.

Book your delivery for a particular time and you can make sure everything is ready for when it arrives so that you’re making every minute count – and that can be vital when you’re up against a tight schedule with important deadlines to meet.

Ready mix concrete can save money

Because the amount of ready mix concrete you receive and pay for is the amount you need, you won’t have to buy any more cement or aggregates than necessary for your project, nor will you have any left over to have to dispose of afterwards. Plus, without the need to mix on site, you can also get the best value out of the labour available.

It can be more environmentally friendly

The right amount of ready mix concrete means minimum wastage and that can only be good news if you’re trying to make your project as environmentally friendly as possible. We provide the option of purchasing concrete and aggregates made up of a variety of recycled materials as a more eco-friendly option. 

It’s more consistent

Mistakes happen – mix your own concrete and there’s no guarantee you’ll get it right first time, meaning you might potentially waste considerable time and costly materials, and still never get the perfect mix for your job.

Using a professional company means you have the comfort of knowing that their whole business and reputation depends on the quality of their concrete.

Also, as Stewart Brothers Concrete is mixed to a BSI Kitemark certified design specification, you can be assured of the utmost quality before it leaves their plant to deliver to your site.

More Convenient

No matter where your concrete needs to be poured, we can help you get it there faster and more conveniently.

With a range of concrete pumps available to transport your concrete over long distances, into hard-to-reach locations or even over obstacles, we can make sure your concrete reaches your pour site much easier and with less spillage and waste than if you had to use wheelbarrows.

For the very best ready mix concrete in and around Ashford and Kent, you can’t do better than talk to the friendly team at Stewart Brothers Concrete. Tell us about your project and we’ll make sure the mix is perfectly suited to the application in question. You can also use our handy online Concrete Calculator to work out how much you’ll need. It couldn’t be easier!

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Fantastic company. Called on the off chance having never using this company before and was greeted on the phone by Perry who managed to fit me in and deliver me the concrete...

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10 months ago

Great company the guys who did my imprinted concrete driveway used these they was very polite and helpful...

Jane Lewis

3 months ago

Have used Stewart brothers 4 times for concrete, traditional strip footings and reinforced concrete pad bases. Very good service, prompt delivery and exceptional quality concrete which was particularly good...

Damien Orris

7 months ago